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Case Studies

The following case studies highlight some of the usual scenario businesses encounter and how our team can be of service. Should you be interested to see the report samples or to obtain more information, our customer service team will be glad to be of help. Contact us here.

Skin Care


Consumer Survey -
Brand Perception & Pricing Studies

Objectives: A Korean-based company in the FMCG industry want to penetrate into a new market (i.e. Malaysia) and create the right product offering with strategic pricing for the local market.


Deliverables: Conduct consumer surveys & focus groups to obtain feedback and responses on different price points


Competition Sentiment -
Brands in Market & Market Leaders

Objectives: A MNC in the FMCG industry is exploring market potential in Malaysia and want to understand more about the existing product offerings in the local market.


Deliverables: Conduct field research and surveys with the retail stores



Exploring New Business Model

Objectives: An American-based medical device distributor is exploring a new business model, i.e. manufacturing of medical disposables. Their main target region is North America and they want to understand its market sentiment & business landscape. 

Deliverables: Conduct market research studies to include different published sources online to provide an overview of macroenvironment analysis, government policies, driving factors for business growth, market trends, competitive landscape, and a study of leading competitors.


Exploring New Services

Objectives: An established family-owned business is exploring a new F&B business idea. In order to create a business strategy with a competitive edge, they want to understand its market sentiment and competitors' offering.

Deliverables: Conduct market research studies to reflect the market demand for the particular food using keyword search analysis & other published reports from different sources. This also includes consumer purchasing trend and behaviors. Besides consumer sentiment, competitor studies of international & local brands were included. This provides an overview of their strategies and act as a reference point for the company to create their blueprint. 

Outdoor Cafe in Europe
Scattered Coins


Finding Leads & Prospects for Business Funnel

Objectives: Our Australian client engage us to help look for leads & prospects for their sales team 

Deliverables: Conduct market research and filter through businesses based on our client's requirements. Compile a list of qualified companies with their respective contact details for their sales team to connect & explore potential partnerships.

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