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Our Services

Crafting solutions to meet your business goals in different stages of growth & development.

Country Level, Regional &
Industry Studies

If you are exploring new technology investments or considering new market penetration in a foreign country, our team can help to conduct research to cover topics such as the following:

  • Market landscape

  • Macroenvironment studies

  • Trending opportunities

  • Competition landscape 

Consumer Studies, Product Research & Competitor Analysis

Thinking of innovating a new product, may it be a different packaging, taste/ flavor or a wow-some customer experience, the best input is feedback from the market. Our services include: 

  • Research & obtain qualitative & quantitative responses of consumers to new products/ pack (primary & secondary studies)

  • Conduct product testing to gain insights for new product formulation

  • A close-up study of competitor or home-brand products & services from the lens of a shopper/ consumer

Researching and Writing
Image by Meriç Dağlı
Project Management & Report Writing

If you are working in market research agencies & consultancy firms, our team can assist you to facilitate, monitor & follow up on projects. We can be your professional freelancers if you are:

1. Understaff to follow up with market research or consultancy projects

2. Want to conduct a simple Test & Learn project in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan & HK

3. Need someone to assist in report writing, connecting the dots supported by data & insights

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