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For overview insights of Vietnam’s market demand, top players in selected sectors, retail distributione-marketplace.
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I heard about growth opportunities in Vietnam, but didn't have time to understand more about it. This overview provides a new perspective. I personally think some of its insights and analysis are applicable to current market, especially for the e-marketplace.

Suzanne Levis

It is tempting but challenging to understand the local trends in the Asia market. Especially with the travel restrictions...


Super useful, relevant & down-to-earth insights that our company can work on immediately.


We sell consumer packaged goods, and the insights are useful for us

Neil Yang

What is this about?

Usually, businesses approach us to conduct market research with an intention. In our recent projects, we stumble across information that signifies business opportunities and market trends in Vietnam.

Understanding how businesses are making conscious effort to grow amidst global uncertainty, we feel that companies can benefit by tapping into the consumption growth in Vietnam and its government initiatives. Hence, we launch this social project

Exploring new growth opportunities? Look into Vietnam. And we will help you by extracting essence from multi-sourced information, presenting you with insights to kickstart the journey.

Our research services usually price from USD 660 (inclusive of all charges) onwards. For this project, we decided to offer business leaders a working funnel at 10% of the price!

For Limited Time Only

Get Now At US$ 66 Instead of US$ 660

Additional Rebates:

For those who sign up for any of our services worth more than USD660, get a USD 100 rebate.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Valid for purchases before 31st December 2022.

2. Upon agreeable scope of the project before making any other type of purchases. 

We accept:

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What to expect?

Step 1. Fill in the form and make payment 

Step 2. Receive an email with the digital copy and the encrypted password within 2 hours

Step 3. Contact us should you have other queries or would like to engage our team for an in-depth study of another market / industry 

In this 69 pages overview report with appendix, we have created 3 sections for ease of understanding.

1. A prelude to market demand - What are the goods and services that are gaining traction or investment focus in Vietnam?

2. Export for local distribution - Prior to new market entry, one may have the following queries:

  • How should I get business contacts of distributors or trading companies in the industry?

  • Who are the existing top market players in the industry? (construction, furniture, fresh & frozen, processed food, F&B, electronic components, bank, medical equipment, car, gold & gem)

  • What are the main retail channels for consumer goods in Vietnam? (traditional trade, modern trade, e-commerce/ online & others)

  • I have a HQ in other country, and would like to set up a trading company to sell to local market in Vietnam but also to serve other oversea clients. What can be done?

With this in mind, we have categorized the researched insights into 4 segments in this section.

3. Selling on e-marketplace - What is the market landscape for e-commerce in Vietnam? 

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