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Making sense of
data, insights & information.

Hannah L   Research & Consultancy

is a boutique company collaborating with industry experts in market research & consultancy. We help to fill in the talent gaps for market research agencies, brand-owners, business leaders & entrepreneurs.

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I'm Hannah.

Passionate in Business Development with 13+ years of Professional Experience

I have a special attraction to growth opportunities & bringing the best of people. Naturally, I am attracted to working with talents of all fields to help businesses progress. With the entrepreneur spirit, which is grounded by market sentiment, business leaders' feedback that our research findings & analysis are insightful & practical for their next steps

Our team is currently based in Malaysia, but we partner with experts from different countries to address different market scenarios to serve our global clienteles. Drop us a message if you are looking for/ exploring:

1. Country / Regional & Industry Studies


  • Market landscape

  • Macroenvironment studies

  • Trending opportunities

  • Competition landscape

2. Consumer Studies, Product Research & Competitor Analysis

  • Research & obtain qualitative & quantitative responses of consumers to new products/ pack (primary or secondary studies)

  • Conduct product testing to gain insights for new product formulation

  • A close-up study of competitor or home-brand products & services from the lens of a shopper/ consumer

3. Project Management & Report Writing

  • Feeling understaff and in need of talents to facilitate, monitor & follow up on working projects

  • Looking for assistance to story-tell & create presentable reports based on data / insights / brand strategy / sales & marketing materials

  • Looking for project leaders to help conduct simple Test & Learn projects in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan & Hong Kong


Partnership with Country Experts:

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, HK


On-Board Soon:

China, Australia


Collaborating Industry Experts:

Healthcare, FMCG, IT, F&B, Energy &

Climate Change


Professional Experience:

Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Digital Marketing, Operations & Customer Service


International Clienteles:

Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, United States. 

About Our Team

What People Say

We wanted research findings that are not known to the public & to our competitors. And your team did a great job, well done!

Chris, United States

Yes, I want to reserve a pass to FREE consultation worth $ 100.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +6011 - 5691 9392     |

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